Frankford Walk with Ken Milano

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A reflection of what Frankford Avenue was like before gentrification. A hidden car & train museum is revealed.

The history of The Garden Center

Begin: North West corner of Norris St. & Frankford Ave facing South
End: Shissler Rec Center
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By Anula Shetty, Michael Kuetemeyer, Kenneth Milano

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2 Responses to “Frankford Walk with Ken Milano”

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  2. Tom Spangler Says:

    Hey Dude! I lived in Frankford on and off with relatives. My parents had health issues, so I got baby-sat at the home of my maiden Aunt & her brothers, Minnie, Christian & Albert. They owned the house at 1724 Foulkrod, the one that was boarded up for a long time. It had been their parents bakery since 1900 until it closed up in the 1950s. The last name was Yeutter. Aunt Minnie told me that she took me on many, many stroller walks in that very neighborhood.
    I spent the most time at my mother & Aunt Elizabeth’s house. That was at 1701 Harrison st. Corner of Duffield. My grandfather had opened his doctors office there after WW One. He continued there until Elizabeth married her own doctor, who was also the 4th child of the Yeutter family. So, he was Dr Charles Yeutter, office at corner of Harrison & Duffield. I was there many summers, I wished that I could stay forever. Home life was tense & unhappy, but my Dad wanted me to be there and would not let me go.
    I remember walking to the pool at Whitehall park. This was rather comical, since even then the neighborhood was changing colors, and I was very tall, skinny and very pale, and had glasses! I looked like some junior Frankenstein experiment that got loose. Walking those blocks from Duffield towards the park. I never got mugged or beat up that I recall.

    The 1724 house recently was on the cover of a novel about growing up poor in Philly, I just read it this spring, but forget the name & author. If you see this and answer, I’ll have to find the title.
    Tom Spangler, Portland, Oregon.

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