A Block in Chinatown – Day and Night

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We take a look at the services and businesses unique and vital to the Chinatown community within just one square block. By night the very same block takes on a new life under the glow of light. Can these community-run institutions sustain themselves with the building of the casino less than two blocks away?

BEGIN: 11th & Cherry, NE Corner
END: 10th & Cherry, NW corner

Duration: 10 minutes
By: Stephen Gardner, Seada Ho, Olivia Ngo, Jennifer Wen, Sarah Zhao & Vincent Zhao

If you would like to continue your Chinatown tour, cross 10th St.
Have You Seen the Szechuan Shoe?” begins at 10th & Cherry, on the NE Corner.

Recorded: Nov. 22nd & 23rd, 2008

This piece was created as part of the Chinatown Video Lab
– a collaboration between Termite TV and Asian Arts Initiative.
A Block in Chinatown Day and Night

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